Review Quotes 

Last Orders at The Dockside


“a sterling Stephen Jones, cornering the market in vulnerable tough men…Jones shines throughout” - The Arts Review

“Stephen Jones brings some depth to the part of Chris, the younger brother desperately trying to emerge from his brothers’ shadow.” - NoMoreWorkhorse



“Jones and Morris capture the children’s combination of physical freedom and emotional vulnerability just as they strike a perfect balance of defensiveness and anger in the adults.” - The Guardian

“Stephen Jones delivers a powerful standout performance in this fiery Irish tragicomedy”

“There are great performances, especially from Jones as the angry but sensitive Brian.” -TimeOut

“Stephen Jones is a convincingly belligerent Brian, leaving the question as to whether his bluster would ever spill over into actual violence unsettlingly ambiguous…Jones and Morris really come into their own here, with impressively child-like physicality and delivery and a keen sense of the innately comic pathos of small people.”

“Jones is convincing in his portrayal of an insecure father who is constantly on the defence.” -theweereview

“Stephen Jones’s Brian is a complex character, frustrated by his present situation and past mistakes but clinging to the hope that he can put things right. Belligerent by times but brittle underneath, well-intentioned but impulsive, he carries the scars of his own school experience. It is a hugely demanding role, one that in lesser hands could slide into cliché. Jones nails the conflicting impulses and emotions from minute to minute, all the fine shifts in feeling and motivation. It is a totally compelling performance.” -NoMoreWorkhorse

“The “angry man” is Brian Costello, acted with extraordinary poise and subtlety by Stephen Jones. He is an experienced actor in Dublin, but this may well be his London debut. It was outstanding. He perfectly captures the tortured angst of his character who feels imprisoned by a world of changed values and shifting sands. The anger that wells up inside him (to the point of illness) seems perfectly genuine.” -LondonNewsOnline

“Stephen Jones and Sarah Morris also play the kids and are so convincing as children that it is hard to believe there are only three performers ever on stage. Their body language, eyes, gestures and speech are perfect.”

“Buoyed along by dynamic performances from Stephen Jones as Brian and Sarah Morris as Donna.”

“The performances are fearless”

“Stephen Jones is excellent as Brian, the angry, hurt, aggressive but vulnerable dad, and also as the nine year old Jayden.”