Dead Rock: Saying Goodbye to the Bad Guy!!

Monday May 15th 9pm TV3. Laser Byrne's family gathers in his local pub to give him a quiet send off. Won't be so quiet for Keith Kiely however!!

ps a bit of trivia here. Laser's wake was filmed in the same pub as John-Boy's was in Love/Hate Season 2. An episode I was in for all you die-hard gangster fans! 

So poor aul Laser is brown bread. It was a great ride while it lasted though!! I initially went in to play the part of Laser as a 3 day guest role. I was absolutely over the moon to be asked back again last year and when I read what the writers had in store for me I was beyond chuffed.

The psychopath character combined with the fact that Red Rock was pushing more into drama with a later time slot was the perfect combination.

I got to work with some incredible actors and some really talented directors. It would be wrong to start naming individuals as I enjoyed my time working with all cast and crew.

I will say that myself, actor Cathy Belton (Patricia Hennessy) and director Diarmuid Goggins had a great discussion about fear and how it's perceived and I really thought the choices we all made in the episode where Laser breaks into Patricia's home and then threatens to kill her family really highlight the difference between soap and drama.

I learned a lot about playing a bad guy during those scenes.

To all the Red Rock fans who have contacted me, thank you so much. What a pleasure it has been to interact with you all and I hope you will continue to follow my career.


bye Razor... I mean Lazor!

bye Razor... I mean Lazor!


Say goodbye to the bad guy!