So, I recently joined Tom Moran to play Personality Bingo, his brilliant new Podcast hosted by

Here’s how the show works:

60 Balls. 60 Minutes. 60 Questions. In those 60 minutes, Tom rolls his 13 euro Argos bought Bingo ball machine and asks his guest the corresponding question to that number ball. At the beginning of the show, the guest receives 6 numbers and if their 6 balls are drawn, they get to pick any question to ask Tom and he has to give a totally honest answer.


Listen to the podcast and then scroll down as I write a little about some of the topics we touched upon and link in videos to some of the things we talked about.


The Questions

Q. What is your relationship, if any, to the gym?

It still remains very little. I'm not a member of a gym but would definately like to start going to classes. Being told what to do and not being allowed to let myself off the hook really helps me. Also, if anyone has good food plan tips gimme a shout!

We veered off on our first tangent (of many) and began talking about former Sky One show Dream Team. The ridiculous dramas surrounding Premiership Football Club Harchester United.

Here are some of it's tragic moments.


Q. Did you ever get detention in school?

I did just the once and I was an innocent man. I was framed!! And now I'm walking out the front door wi' Gerry!!


We then started chatting about my Leaving Cert and how I went on to UCD where I became interested in acting after joining the drama society Dramsoc. We touch on my Scrapbooks that I keep about my career and the rejection letter that I still have from RADA - The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and how I use it in a very cheesey way to motivate myself. You can see more of my scrapbook pics by checking out the hashtag #InsideTheActorsScrapbook on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Q. What's your opinion on Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson?

Smart and talented man. Here is the video I mention very briefly in the podcast about The Rock talking about depression and his decision to follow his dream.


We began talking about Movies and how I try to avoid trailers and reviews. I have the Unlimited card for Cineworld and I try to judge films on what they are trying to achieve as opposed to what their score will be/should be on Rotten Tomatoes. It definitely has enhanced my enjoyment of seeing films. As I type this I have seen 79 films on my Unlimited Card since October 2016 so I should be able to get over the 100 mark by the time my renewal comes around.


Q. How do ya feel about being the age you currently are?

Yeah. No bother at all. I'm 31 but I was a 4 year old girl for a scene or two in the last play I was in so it's all good. Young at heart.

We got on to some advice for actors which is not to worry about other actors because there will always be someone more famous and better looking and more successful then you out there.

Yeah but is he happy?

Yeah but is he happy?


Q. Do you consider yourself good at keeping secrets?

Yes because I'm like Mary J. Blige, no more Drama in my life. I've enough of it as it is.


Q. Do you have any theories on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann?

As I said to Tom I don't think the parents did it. I don't think we will ever know the full story. The internet is obviously full of mad theories and everyone has an opinion. As usual, sometimes we forget that it's a real girl who is missing and it's a real family (and their extended family/friends) who this has happened to. It's like when you read about conspiracy theories about a 'False Flag' operation at Sandy Hook in Newtown Conn. People forget they are talking about real people.

Here is Panorama's non sensationalist documentary about the case 10 years on.


Q. Do you have a nickname?

As a Jones everybody calls me 'Jonesy' but as a kid it was 'Ice Cream' because this is me as a kid.

Milky Bar kid hadn't shit on me

Milky Bar kid hadn't shit on me


Q. Tell us about a time you laughed until you cried.

I mentioned my Dad telling his rubbish joke about the boxer. I deleted the video of him telling this joke so instead here is something small that made me howl with laughter the other day.


Q. How often do you find yourself facebook stalking ex girlfriends?

Never, to be honest. Plus in todays world there is no stalking on social media really as it's all out in the open. Good luck to em all anyway.

We got on to Tinder then and of course I've never used it because I've gone out with the same person for years. I'm fascinated by couples who go on together though just for the laugh... something slightly cruel about that I think... or is it just for the laugh? hmmmm


Q. How do you feel about the word 'Millennial'? 

I mentioned this so enjoy this excellent sketch from these funny... ugh... millennials!


Q. If you had the opposite set of genitals for a day what's the first thing you'd do?


Ya ask tough questions ya get tough answers

Ya ask tough questions ya get tough answers


Q. What's the greatest lesson you've learned about acting?

As I mentioned in the podcast on any given day there would be a different answer but I mentioned Gabriel Byrne talking about his discovery that acting was about trying to be yourself. Here is the interview in which he said it. He was discussing going back to the stage in a production of Eugene O'Neill's 'A Moon for the Misbegotten'

Fascinating interview in which he touches on many things including the differences between theatre and film and the work of O'Neill himself.

Watch the whole thing but the part I mention happens at around 5.10 into the clip.

And writing...?

It's about not being afraid to put yourself and you're work out there! Just do it! Plus kill your darlings and cut cut cut!!!

Have a listen to the radio version of my play From Eden. It was the winner of the Stewart Parker Trust / BBC Northern Ireland Radio Drama Award and features myself and Seána Kerslake.

Alan and Eva

Alan and Eva


Q. What is your biggest downfall when it comes to being healthy?

I think my latest twitter poll can answer that.


Q. When was the last time you said a prayer?

As an Atheist I don't pray in the traditional sense but I do always ask my Grandad Jimmy who passed away for help especially a few minutes before I go on stage. I mention it in a previous blog about Pre-Show Nerves/Rituals. Read it here


I hope you enjoyed listening to the podcast and these little extra snippets. I really enjoyed doing it and always love the way conversations can veer in so many different directions. If the conversation sparked one new interesting thought for you then it was worth it!

Big thanks to Tom Moran for having me on. He has a fantastic new webseries that he created himself called FIX ME. Watch the first episode. You'll enjoy it for sure.

You can see me in THIS LIME TREE BOWER at The Viking Theatre in Clontarf from May 29th until June 17th

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