Awake & Sing ye that dwell in dust...


I set up Awake & Sing Productions as a company that I could use to produce my own work. The name comes from the Clifford Odets play. It is also a reference to a line from the Bible. "Awake and Sing ye that dwell in dust" and although I am not a religious person I did like the idea that sometimes you have to get up off your arse and make something happen for yourself!

My Webseries 'the Goo' was produced under the Awake & Sing banner.

From Eden is the first play I produced for Awake & Sing. It premiered at Theatre Upstairs, Dublin in 2015 to rave reviews. It has since gone on to play many venues around Ireland.


***** Five Stars from Michael Moffat. The Irish Mail on Sunday


Interview by Chris McCormack with Stephen Jones + Seána Kerslake for The Irish Independent